Healthy Heart Merry Mind is all about helping you feel your best. You will continuously see us getting better by adding new services to help you achieve the life you have always wanted! Success means something different to everyone and we want to help you become successful in the way you want. We can help you with everything from health issues such as hormonal in-balances, weight loss or joint pain to being able to offer you the opportunity to learn how you can own your own company and your own life! We are excited to have you join us on this incredible journey to an amazing and fulfilled future!

Ramona from Toronto and owner of Cayonne Wellness and Beauty says: While on the 10 day athletes transformation I STRUGGLED a bit and was tempted to cheat, although I knew I’d only be cheating myself. After losing 5 POUNDS in 5 DAYS, I am SO happy I stayed strong!! I like to tell myself that IF I still crave any of those foods, that they will still be there in 5 more days. However, true to form, my old comfort foods just don’t taste as good anymore. This is so cool! I am thankful that I found Purium & I totally recommend it to anyone and everyone!

“I tried the Athletes Transformation.
This is what I experienced and seems to be actually increasing since completing the transformation and carrying on with the Core3. I’ve added the superlife as an essential daily supplement as a part of my pre-workout prep. I cannot say enough about it.
My results:
Incredible increase in consistent energy (haven’t had or wanted a coffee in 2 weeks!)
No more joint pain. (It has been chronic in my hands for 7 months)
Decreased bloating
Lost 5 centimeters around my waist!
Lost 2 kilos (was at the gym each day and eating protein meals of roughly 900 cals x 1 per day)
Deep, restful sleep. Waking up before my alarm every day (still 5 days after the cleanse)!”

Jess Madeline – Toronto


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